IoT News Roundup

Salesforce floats new IoT service; Fujitsu launching IIC testbed; IBM, others unveil automotive security products; STMicro announces accelerometer for connected, implantable devices.
By Mary Catherine O'Connor
Sep 21, 2015

Salesforce to Boost Sales Tools With IoT Cloud
At its Dreamforce annual user conference, customer relationship management (CRM) software provider Salesforce announced plans to release a new product called IoT Cloud, which will connect sensor data with Salesforce's customers, as well as all the discrete Salesforce apps they use, via an interface designed to enable them to turn that information into better service for their customers, and ultimately into sales tools.

The Salesforce event-processing and analytics engine, known as Thunder, feeds data to the IoT Cloud. The collected data will originate in things as diverse as wind turbines, mobile phones, thermostats and websites. For example, Emerson, which says it will soon begin a pilot project to test the Salesforce IoT Cloud, could use the product to monitor Internet-connected home thermostat usage and trigger alerts to sales teams when analysis of usage and weather data indicates that a home's heating system could benefit from maintenance.

Fujitsu Ltd. Launching Industrial Internet Consortium Testbed
Fujitsu Ltd. has announced that the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) has approved its proposal for an industrial Internet testbed project called the Factory Operations Visibility and Intelligence Testbed (FOVI). Fujitsu says FOVI, which it developed through experiences at its own production facilities, provides a model for simulating a factory environment in the interest of optimizing workflows.

The IIC launches testbeds in order to accelerate the deployment of IoT technologies in the industrial sector. FOVI is one of seven IIC testbeds launched to date. Others focus on track and trace, microgrid energy control systems, and improving asset efficiency or other processes.

The FOVI model uses a cloud-based data-integration platform that captures information from sensors attached to production equipment, and processes this along with operational data. The goal is to provide visibility into production operations, by marrying data culled from a wide range of sources, and then suggest means for improving operational efficiency across a plant, in everything from assembly processes to repair and maintenance systems.

Fujitsu designed this testbed so that multiple stakeholders could access it and provide their expertise and services, including sensor network management and data analytics capabilities. Fujitsu demonstrated the testbed architecture at the IoT Solutions World Congress, held in in Barcelona on Sept. 16-18, 2015. Working in collaboration with Intel and Cisco, Fujitsu is operating the testbed at two of its production plants in Japan.

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