IOT News Roundup

Arrow offering customers leg up on IoT deployments; GreenPeak, Dusun co-create smart parking app; upgrades integration tools; Microsemi offering new range of security services; Czech Republic to get Sigfox network.
By Mary Catherine O'Connor
Sep 14, 2015

Arrow Launches IoT Service
Arrow Electronics, a distributor of electronic components and a provider of engineering and consulting services to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), has launched a new offering called Intelligent Services. Intelligent Services provides a framework and software tools to help OEMs and systems integrators create and deploy IoT platforms. Arrow's approach is to use application programming interfaces (APIs) as a replacement for vendor-specific proprietary interfaces and software development kits (SDKs) in order to make it easy for non-programmers to build IoT networks.

Arrow partnered with MachineShop—which makes API-centric IoT middleware that collects and normalizes data from disparate systems and provides secure interfaces between devices and platforms—to develop Arrow's Intelligent Services. Arrow is also partnering with three of its suppliers, NetComm Wireless, Embedded Planet and Lantronix, all of which are selling IoT gateway devices as part of the Intelligent Services offering.

GreenPeak, Dusun Electron Collaborate on Smart Parking App
Chipmaker GreenPeak Technologies, based in the Netherlands, has partnered with Chinese IoT development company Dusun Electron Ltd. to launch a parking application designed to ease mounting traffic congestion and improve parking access in China's larger cities.

The solution includes a smartphone app that drivers can use to select criteria such as how far they are willing to walk from a parking space to their destination, as well as the parking fee they are willing to pay. Occupancy sensors, installed at select parking garages, monitor each parking space and transmit wirelessly to a gateway device, which constantly updates the mobile phone application, as well as electronic signage inside the garage, showing the number and location of available spaces. The application guides drivers to open spaces based on their chosen distance and payment settings.

GreenPeak Technologies provides the sensors, chipsets and gateways, operating in compliance with the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless communication standard, using the ZigBee protocol. Up to 200 occupancy sensors can be networked to a single gateway. Pricing for the sensors begins at $15, and the gateways cost $25 apiece. Dusun Electron developed the smartphone application and cloud infrastructure on which it runs.

The first deployment of the parking application has taken place in the city of Wuxi, in China's Jiangsu province. A number of cities in the United States have deployed similar sensor-based parking application, some of which embed sensors in parking garages, while others use them to monitor street parking. This summer, Seattle technology company INRIX launched a service that tracks parking availability by collecting data from cities regarding the use of Internet-connected parking meters.

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