IOT News Roundup

Cisco introduces its IoT System; Ernst & Young gains IoT analytics know-how; GreenPeak unveils chip that supports ZigBee and Thread protocols; Icontrol, mnubo to partner on smart home analytics; Z-Wave Alliance grows member base.
By Mary Catherine O'Connor
Jul 02, 2015

Cisco Announces IoT Platform, Bevy of IoT-related Products
In an effort to simplify the rollout and management of large Internet of Things networks, and to help customers attain business insights from those deployments more quickly, Cisco Systems this week unveiled its IoT System, a framework consisting of more than a dozen hardware and software tools to help manage IoT devices and data.

The platform is built on six application areas—or pillars, as Cisco calls them. These are:

Network Connectivity: Routing, switching and wireless products. These include the IE-5000 aggregation switch (with applications in manufacturing and smart city applications); the IW-3702, a ruggedized, wireless access point designed for use in mass-transit systems and for urban Wi-Fi networks; the IR-809 and IR-829 router series, which are available in seven different configurations, with Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE connectivity; a new 4G/LTE module for Cisco's Connected Grid Router (CRG) 1000 series of routers for utilities; a new Mobile IP Gateway (the MIG-2450); and the ruggedized 5921 Embedded Services Router, for use in harsh, remote environments.

Fog Computing: Cisco's term for employing computers at the edge of the network, between the sensors and an end user's back-end systems (generally residing in the cloud), to both filter and analyze data. Cisco thinks 40 percent of IoT-created data will be processed "in the fog" by 2018.

Security: Tools, such as the Cisco IP surveillance portfolio and network products, that protect both physical and digital assets. New products under this pillar are the 360-degree 5MP IP video camera and the 720p IP camera, both of which can host third-party software applications and include audio and digital sensors that can be used to control the camera, as well as audio detection, sensor aggregation, audio message triggers, metadata generation, a local video player and video summarization.

Data Analytics: This pillar can include Cisco's portfolio of analytics software tools, including the new Fog Data Services, which can trigger business events at the sensor level, based on data being collected and analyzed. Cisco also accommodates third-party analytics software within this pillar.

Management and Automation: Software tools, including the new IoT Field Network Director and Fog Director, which give administrators control of application settings and lifecycle, designed to make managing a growing network of endpoints (sensors, routers and so forth) and building networks simpler.

Application Enablement Platform: Application programming interfaces (APIs) designed to help end users in specific sectors (such as manufacturers or city planners), as well as their partners and third-party vendors, to design, develop and deploy their own applications.

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