Mojix Unveils ViZix Sensor Network Management Platform

Ten years following its founding, RFID system vendor Mojix now uses a wide range of sensor technologies to help customers. Its new software platform, ViZix, is designed to manage a range of sensor data and workflows.
By Mary Catherine O'Connor
Apr 17, 2015

At the RFID Journal LIVE! conference and exhibition, being held this week in San Diego, Calif., Mojix announced the highly configurable sensor network management software that it calls ViZix. The company describes the software as "sensor agnostic," and says it is designed to be applicable to any vertical industry, whether a user wants to track individuals or things—either Internet-connected things or those not connected. ViZix is available now to any Mojix customer.

In 2008, Los Angeles-based Mojix made a sizable splash at that year's LIVE! conference with its unique approach to RFID. With its STAR system, which includes phased-array antenna technology (using multiple antennas to concentrate RF signals and cancel out RF noise) and eNode receivers, Mojix enabled end users to view the locations of items tagged with passive EPC Gen 2 RFID labels—in real time, in three dimensions and within about 1 meter (3.3 feet)—24 hours a day.

Mojix's ViZix system
Over the past seven years, says Mike Kastner, Mojix's senior VP of sales and marketing, the company began integrating different types of sensors and data-collection techniques in order to manage and add context to the large data streams it was collecting. "We've gained tremendous experiences with integrating motion sensors and vision systems—IP cameras used along with image processes—in order to determine when to fire our antennas to collect data," he says. This allowed Mojix to filter tag data at the point of collection, rather than having to send large data streams to a server and then later filter that information.

At the same time, Kastner says, its customers were increasingly interested in collecting non-RFID data from other types of sources, such as GPS, Bluetooth, ZigBee and Wi-Fi. So Mojix responded.

"When you get down to it, what brings the maximum value for our customers is not the type of technology used to collect data," Kastner says. "What they care about is the data itself, and they want it presented in a format [from which] they can take an action—according to their own business and workflows. No one tool fits all jobs, so we started integrating different technologies as we've gone along."

That work evolved into ViZix.

Retail, oil and gas, and manufacturing are the first industries in which Mojix expects to see ViZix deployments. The company demonstrated use cases at the conference describing likely usage scenarios in these sectors.

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