B&B Electronics Seeks to Stake Its Industrial IoT Market Position With New Name, Partnership Network

The hardware company, now called B+B SmartWorx, has announced a large network of ecosystem partners that provide network and managed services.
By Mary Catherine O'Connor
Jan 20, 2015

B&B Electronics, a 34-year-old provider of industrial device networking hardware, is relaunching today under a new name. The company also has a renewed mission to service businesses in a range of industrial markets that seek to link their legacy systems with sensor networks, in order to leverage emerging Internet of Things technologies.

The Illinois-based firm, now known as B+B SmartWorx, offers the Wzzard Intelligent Sensing Platform, which consists of Wzzard edge nodes and Spectre gateways, and is designed to assist systems integrators, value-added-retailers and service providers in helping their industrial-sector customers to quickly deploy secure and scalable IoT applications. The Wzzard nodes are linked to sensors via any industry-standard interface, the company reports, communicating through a mesh network to the B+B gateways using the IEEE 2.4 GHz 802.15.4 2006 radio standard and the Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) communication protocol. The gateways are linked to an end user's enterprise resource planning (ERP) software or supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) platforms, used for remotely controlling equipment.

Wzzard intelligent edge nodes and Spectre gateway
B+B SmartWorx's Spectre gateways, which can be linked to a customer's back-end systems via a wired Ethernet link or wirelessly through a Wi-Fi connection, also employ the MQTT protocol to send sensor data to an end user's IoT application. In addition, the Spectre gateway contains two slots for accommodating subscriber identity module (SIM) cards, which can be used to transmit or receive data from remote sensor networks or back-end systems via a 4G LTE or 3G cellular link.

B+B SmartWorx has also announced partnerships with more than 10 companies through which it is offering an ecosystem of IoT products and services based on the SmartWorx IoT Edge Processing Network. Among the announced IoT ecosystem partnerships are Cumulocity, which offers a toolkit with which end users can build IoT applications; IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) platform application providers, such as ThingWorx, Davra Networks and PLAT.ONE; integration software providers, such as SeeControl; IoT data analytics services providers, such as Parstream. B+B SmartWorx has announced partnerships with mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) KORE Telematics and Mobius Networks. B+B SmartWorx calls these partnerships its Connected Intelligence Global Partner Ecosystem. MVNOs purchase bulk broadband access from mobile network operators and resell the service to their own customers.

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