An Interview With Geoffrey Moore

The expert on the technology adoption life cycle talks with Bob Morris about radio frequency identification and its struggles to achieve mass adoption.

Morris: Many people have become frustrated because they think RFID adoption has been unusually slow. It's been about 10 years since the passive UHF Electronic Product Code standard was created. What is your view? Has adoption been slower than normal? Please explain.

Moore: Niche markets burn more slowly than mass markets. Laser technologies have traced a similar curve. Bits can proliferate very quickly. It's when they get attached to atoms that things slow down.

Morris: In your opinion, have RFID companies contributed to the slow pace of adoption by providing generic tracking solutions rather than building a whole product for specific industries? Please explain.

Moore: No, I don't think RFID companies are making mistakes. I think RFID investors are.

Morris: It would seem that the trend toward cloud computing, big data, and RFID are all converging. Do you see the ability to capture massive amounts of data with RFID—and to analyze and share it anywhere globally—as the next wave of IT innovation? If not, what do you see as the next big wave?

Moore: This is the Internet of Things, and as SMAC tornadoes begin to subside, it is the next great disruption in the wings.

To read Bob Morris' complete interview with Geoffrey Moore, please visit Blogging on Business.

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