The Internet of Things

From concept to reality: Plans for a network that connects everything and everyone everywhere are well under way.
By John Edwards
Experts see augmented reality (AR) technology being used in a variety of ways. Text superimposed over images of office buildings, storefronts, people, vehicles, rooms, artworks, doors, theaters, store products and just about anything else in the real world will give viewers fast facts on what they're looking at, what's about to happen or where they need to go. Links embedded in the text will lead users to Web pages providing enhanced insight, such as a building's history, the professional background of someone sitting at a conference table, a car's repair history or the story behind a museum painting.

Photo: iStockphoto
Rapid advancements in visual recognition technology are helping to make AR both usable and reliable. Says Justin B. Patton, managing director of the University of Arkansas' RFID Research Center: "We're getting close to the world of being able to recognize items by their appearance, and having a computer do that automatically."
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