Industrial Internet Consortium Launches New Industrial Testbed

Infosys is leading the group's latest testbed project, for which it is creating a repeatable approach to tracking (and improving) asset efficiency in industrial applications.

  • Museums Embrace Beacon-Based Audio Tours

    Muzze provides hardware and a mobile app that make it easy for museums large and small to offer digital content based on a museumgoer's location.

  • Researchers Tinker With Flying, Rolling RFID-Sensorized Robots

    The team of engineers used off-the-shelf hardware and software to create small aerial and ground robots that could automatically read passive UHF sensors and install those sensors on hard-to-reach objects.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Deloitte reports on IoT adoption in the oil and gas industry; Redpine Signals launches IoT-enablement platform; Gimbal takes beacons outside through outdoor media company partnerships; Identiv Labs helps startup fight shoe counterfeits.

  • Energy and Data Converge in Microgrids

    Nimble, resilient microgrids will be an important part of creating a smarter energy infrastructure, but machine-to-machine middleware platforms like Real Time Innovations' DDS are important to keep them up and running.

  • Three Approaches to IoT Security: Part Three

    This article, the third in our three-part series, looks at how one connected-car accessory maker approaches data security, and at how carmakers can take the lead of tech companies by learning from the hacker community.

  • Carrefour Puts Beacons in Its Romanian Hypermarkets

    The retailer permanently installed technology from Onyx Beacon to help it better engage with customers, deliver promotional offers and guide them through the stores.

  • IoT News Roundup

    AT&T, Samsung and AirWatch sponsor new Georgia Tech lab; JFK airport uses BLIP Systems tech to track wait times; Skypatrol, Vodafone partner on M2M; New Braunfels, Texas, transitions to smart meters.

  • Want to Order a Pizza? Knocki Three Times on the Wall

    The Clapper laid the home-automation groundwork. Now, a Texas startup says it has developed an IoT analog that is more foolproof and versatile.

  • Care Ecosystem: Can the IoT Improve Dementia Patient Treatments?

    A $10 million clinical trial will use smart watches, beacons and other sensors to aid caregivers tasked with helping patients cope with dementia, and to extend the amount of time they can live at home.

  • Flexstr8 Offers NFC-Enabled Labels for Hazardous Chemicals, Consumer Products

    The startup's NFC Smart Label solution is being trialed by companies to track goods, pharmaceuticals, and maintenance and service for industrial equipment.

  • IoT News Roundup

    SmartThings joins ZigBee board; Drone sniffs Austin ZigBee sensors; Punch Through Design blows past Kickstarter goal; Digi and Digi-Key offering IoT starter kit.

  • Density Brings Traffic Counting to New Venues

    Using a simple infrared sensor, the startup is providing real-time traffic counts to small brick-and-mortar merchants—but is finding interest from other sectors as well.

  • Three Approaches to IoT Security: Part Two

    There is no single path to securing mobile devices and networks. This article, the second in our three-part series, focuses on how one startup company is leveraging blockchain technology and a type of cryptography called telehash.

  • Ecovent Takes Unique Approach to Home Heating and Cooling Controls

    The startup, which uses a network of sensors and adjustable vents to control room-level temperature, has just received a large investment from Emerson's Climate Technologies business arm.

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