New IIC Testbed Delves Into Medical Device Interoperability

The project supports efforts to establish connectivity between medical devices in order to reduce accidental death or injury due to medical errors.

  • MyDx Is Like a Pocket Sommelier for Cannabis Connoisseurs

    The device analyzes the amount of THC and other chemicals present in a small sample, while a companion smartphone app conveys a profile of the drug and its likely effects on a user.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Google adds security feature to Eddystone for beacons; app records diet with a microphone; Bluetooth SIG announces developer training; new IoT-enablement platform from PLAT.ONE; EU Parliament updates privacy laws.

  • Quantified Ag's Quest to Turn Cattle into IoT Nodes

    Using a sort of fitness tracker for cows, the Nebraska startup says it can help cattle feedlot operators detect illness in their herds sooner than conventional methods.

  • Massachusetts Oyster Farmer Putting IoT to Work

    By employing a heat-sensing camera and attaching temperature sensors to shipments of live oysters, one aquaculturalist hopes to change how shellfish growers track their products.

  • Beacons Boost Engagement and Sales at Connecticut Flower Show

    Prides Corner Farms featured a BLE solution from Sunrise Marketing to draw consumers to booths exhibiting its products at last month's event, while attendees gained coupons, special offers and eligibility for a prize.

  • IoT News Roundup

    IBM, Pfizer to enlist IoT in the fight against Parkinson's; BKON offering Eddystone beacon platform; HID's new digital ID platform; GCell's indoor solar-powered beacon; global consumer survey gauges trust in IoT; ZigBee Alliance gains retail group's endorsement.

  • TrackerSense Assigns Eyes and Ears to Parcels

    Offering single-use or reusable trackers, a U.K. startup has attracted several couriers and postal agencies during its first six months.

  • Enterprise IoT Hitting Its Stride, Says Verizon Report

    The telecommunications provider documents the state of the Internet of Things market and finds that while enterprise applications are taking root faster than consumer-facing ones, companies still have plenty of value to wring from IoT data.

  • Linkpoints' Multi-Sensor Solutions for Apartment Dwellers, Businesses

    The systems are already in use in Korean apartment buildings, as well at health-care, retail and industrial sites.

  • IoT News Roundup

    People Power introducing smart-home devices powered by GreenPeak; FourKites, McLeod partner for truck-tracking applications; consumers have mixed feelings over wearable technology; Amazon dash buttons hit new milestone.

  • Smart Homes, Cybersecurity and Personal Data: What Consumers Care About

    A new survey reveals consumers' attitudes regarding risks and rewards of smart-home technologies; industry insiders lay out a road map for safer, more consumer-friendly technologies.

  • Bios Incube Puts Tech Spin on the Afterlife

    A Spanish startup is adding a sensor module and Wi-Fi connectivity to its planter, which integrates cremains into a tree starter.

  • In Two European Cities, the IoT Could Help Unknot Traffic Quagmires

    Sensors can't make congestion disappear, but two cities in Europe think they can help planners improve traffic flow.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Ofcom says spectrum licenses are IoT-ready; Silver Spring Networks entering Chinese smart lighting market; new long-range Bluetooth module from Cypress Semiconductor; Sigfox gains new telecom partner; Infineon launches NFC module for wearables, partners with Chinese payment-technology company; Plataine and Argosy International combine products and services.

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