IOT News Roundup

KPN announces national low-power wide-area network in the Netherlands; Intel releases new IoT platform; Tata Communications tests its IoT network across India; Mentor Graphics sells customizable IoT solution; BlipTrack releases new Queue Diagnostics solution to capture and manage data about people and vehicles in line.

  • Net Irrigate Helps Keep Farms Working

    With xProxy Link, farmers receive messages on their phones or via e-mail alerting them to thrown switches in equipment that could foretell costly failures.

  • Quuppa's Beacon-based RTLS Sees Adoption by Health Care and Retail

    The company's real-time locating system uses Bluetooth-beacon tags and receivers with integrated antennas to track personnel and assets, determining location within a few centimeters.

  • Taggalo Marries Video, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in Customer-Analysis Platform

    The Italian startup says its device and analytics service can help retailers better understand who their customers are, as well as their interests and patterns.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Helium unveils IoT platform, sensors for enterprise applications; Aeris survey tracks end-user attitudes on IoT benefits, pain points; new apps and partners for Enlighted; Tata Consultancy Services launches eight new IoT managed services; Trimble, Raven collaborate to give farmers flexibility; Silver Spring Networks introduces new operation tools for utilities.

  • Verizon Lowers Cost, Technology Barriers to IoT Development

    The telecom provider has rolled out a new Internet of Things development platform called ThingSpace and has halved the cost of a cellular modem for IoT devices. Early next year, it will also launch a bespoke IoT network infrastructure.

  • Sigfox Launches U.S. Network With San Francisco Pilot

    The low-power, long-range IoT network covers the entire city, but applications that will leverage it have yet to be announced.

  • Nymi Puts Its Heart Into IoT Authentication

    Using its proprietary heartbeat authentication system, Nymi is rolling out wristbands that serve as physical and logical access-control devices, and, in the future, may double as MasterCard payment cards.

  • IoT News Roundup

    MicroStrategy updates its IoT-based Usher access-control platform; ams offers wearable device makers a path for NFC integration; Juniper expects strong growth in smart home market; Marvell announces transceiver for connected cars; privacy checklist for smart-home sellers, buyers.

  • In Mexico, Fueling a Fix for Gas Refills

    For gas companies in Mexico, the process of refilling a customer's liquefied petroleum gas tanks is a guessing game. A startup called Nube plans to use IoT technology to change that.

  • Blulog Launches NFC Temperature Datalogger, Service

    The company's battery-powered device, currently being used in pilot projects, features a passive NFC RFID inlay for downloading temperature data via an NFC-enabled Android smartphone.

  • IOT News Roundup

    PTC sees bright future with Vuforia acquisition; Beecham Research predicts robust growth for Low-Power Wide Area Networks; HyperCat Consortium launches smart city project incubator; Renesas Electronics America adds Icon Labs' Floodgate security to its IoT-focused platform.

  • Smart Home Dividend: Utility Finds Connected Homes Conserve More Energy

    Smart meters and connected home energy devices are fun and flashy, but can they actually help homeowners save energy and money? One utility company says they do.

  • The IoT Weaves Service, Marketing and Inventory at House of Blue Jeans

    A small retail store in The Netherlands is using a range of technologies to help shoppers find what they're looking for—and have fun doing so.

  • Beacon Technology Teaches International Students About Their Surroundings

    The University of Lodz has adopted the SmartUni app, which enables its 1,200 international students to better understand their surroundings and receive updates, announcements and schedules based on their location on campus.

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