IoT News Roundup: Mobile World Congress

Panasonic announces M2M cloud services and mobile 4G security camera; Jasper partnering with SAP, Salesforce and China Unicom; Fraunhofer IIS and Nokia open German testbed facility for IoT applications running on LTE-A cellular network.

  • A Thousand Beacons Will Help SXSW Attendees Connect

    The Bluetooth devices will allow users at the music and film festival to see who is on stage or which film is showing at their location, while enabling them to link up with people of interest within their vicinity.

  • Turkish Technic Uses RFID, ZigBee and Other Auto-ID Technologies to Improve Efficiency

    The system helps Turkish Airlines' maintenance, repair and overhaul division to identify and manage the movements of aircraft, components, tools, technicians and vehicles as the planes are serviced and maintained.

  • Industrial Internet Consortium Launches Inaugural Testbed

    Bosch and its partners are developing a testbed that documents how to create a track-and-trace program for hand tools in an industrial setting—to ensure not only easy access to the tools, but also their proper use.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Two IoT consortia, one strategy; transistor design promises to extend battery life for wireless devices; Verizon's M2M business accelerates, but has long runway; HP announces all-in-one IoT service and vertical energy solution; Gooee signs on with EVRYTHNG, Aurora Group.

  • The Internet of Farm Things

    The U.K. government is funding a research project in Wales that could help farmers reduce their environmental impacts, while also providing them with visibility into the health of their livestock.

  • Badger Meter, Aeris Bring Cellular-Based Smart Water Meters to Santa Fe

    Electric utilities have been moving toward smart metering systems for many years. As conservation becomes increasingly important, water utilities are moving toward smart metering as well.

  • Del Papa Taps Into the IoT to Improve Beer Distribution Center

    A new DC, built with IoT technology from the ground up, is helping Del Papa Distributing Co. to boost productivity while cutting energy use.

  • IOT News Roundup

    Cisco drives connected car infrastructure forward; Snowden reveals major SIM security breach; FAA unveils proposed regulations for commercial drone use; Bosch to acquire IoT middleware company ProSyst; Sony opens pre-orders for its smart glasses.

  • National Instruments on Building an Industrial IoT Toolkit

    NI, a provider of automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software used in wireless sensor networks, is now helping its customers develop industrial Internet of Things solutions for applications such as factory automation and preventative maintenance.

  • IOT News Roundup

    ARM, HP each purchase encryption software companies; machine-to-machine standards finalized; Sigfox scores major funding; SecureRF configures its cryptography solution for IoT devices.

  • Senate Holds IoT Hearing

    The Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation met to discuss how the U.S. Congress can foster the development and proliferation of IoT technologies in a way that neither harms consumer privacy nor stifles innovation.

  • A Closer Look at the FTC's IoT Security Recommendations

    We asked a security expert to evaluate the Federal Trade Commission's security guidance for consumer-facing IoT products.

  • GTX Integrates BluVision Bluetooth Tech into Memory-Care Safety System

    The company, which already sells a GPS-based solution designed to help caregivers monitor the outdoor locations of patients with Alzheimer's or other cognitive illnesses, is now offering a Bluetooth version for monitoring patient locations inside care facilities.

  • Blesh's Bluetooth Beacons Take a Sneak Peek at Google's Physical Web

    Blesh is supplying beacons designed to enable smartphones to receive and respond to beacon transmissions without requiring an app.

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