Blacksburg Transit Installs Beacons to Boost Ridership, Adjust Service

More than 12,000 riders use the beacon-enabled app to direct them to the correct bus stop; the agency employs the system to collect ridership data and modify bus dispatching accordingly.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Zebra teams up with ARM, Atmel on IoT starter kit; Spanish insurance provider offering pay-as-you-drive insurance; Antenova releases tiny 2.4 GHz antenna; RetailMeNot, Gimbal to extend beacon trials.

  • WellAware Rolls Out On-Ramp Wireless M2M Platform

    The data services company says On-Ramp Wireless offers a sensor communication technology that beats out competing options on cost and reliability.

  • New York Hotels Use RF Technologies' RTLS to Secure Staff

    About 45 hotels to date are installing the company's HelpAlert system, including The Kitano New York, and some are integrating alerts with video camera imagery.

  • Booz Allen IoT Prototypes Signal Move Toward Health-Care, Emergency-Response Products

    The consultancy is developing a platform to improve data security at hospitals, as well as a safety system for first-responders.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Samsung launches ARTIK to speed IoT development; Globalstar releases new tracking device for remote assets; Brightstar teams with Kii on mobile device services.

  • Bringing the IoT Behind the Lettuce Curtain

    An investment and advisory firm is creating a marriage between the agribusiness community in the Salinas Valley with the Internet of Things community in Silicon Valley.

  • Checkpoint Offers RTLS Solution for High-Value Retail Goods

    The company's ZigBee-based system, known as 3Si, is designed to track the movements and locations of merchandise in stores, in order to prevent shrinkage, as well as better understand shopper activity and product replenishment needs.

  • Freight Farms Sows Seeds and Technology

    A Boston startup thinks its tech-infused approach can make urban farmers far more productive.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Tillster to leverage Gimbal beacons, boost eatery apps; Comcast adding gaggle of smart devices to Xfinity gateway; PTC to acquire software analytics company ColdLight; GreenIQ hooks Home Depot, user can customize hub with IFTTT.

  • Child, Pet Dog or Pet Rock? Olea Sensor Networks Knows

    Using a multisensor device that includes Doppler technology, combined with proprietary algorithms, the startup is hoping to change the way in which automakers and others design safety systems.

  • Howler Targets a Variety of Business Sectors for Its Beacon-Based Services

    The startup has deployed 600 Bluetooth beacons at 150 stores and other sites in Boston, so that Howler app users can receive location-specific content tightly focused on their interests.

  • Smartrac Sees RFID's Future in the Cards, the Clouds and the Cosmos

    The company is working with Cartamundi to embed NFC tags in game and trading cards, and has also released Smart Cosmos, a cloud-based platform, with the expectation that more objects will be tracked as part of the Internet of Things.

  • How Texas Instruments and IBM Plan to Secure IoT Devices

    Security is one of the biggest threats to the Internet of Things, and it should be designed into IoT devices starting at the beginning of their lifecycles. TI's Avner Goren explains why and how his company and IBM are pursuing a role in that process, by collaborating to build a framework for authenticating IoT devices.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Sigfox and TI collaborating on low-power radio modules; Samsung and Mybitat partner on senior digital health offering; Bluetooth schooling for developers; McDonald's customers drink up beacon offers in Turkey.

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